Lessons & schedule

SUP Spirit offers a variety of lessons, from beginners to advanced, both single lessons and courses.


Stand Up Paddling is, compared to other watersports, easy to learn. Still we advise everyone, who has never supped before to take a lesson first. You'll learn supping faster and learn to use the right techniques.


For informative and challenging SUP lessons you've come to the right place, everyone is welcome!

For both beginners and advanced we have a varied selection;

  •     SUP Beginners course (3 classes)
  •     SUP Intermediate course (3 classes)
  •     SUP Advanced course (3 classes)
  •     Functional Paddling training
  •     SUP Yoga

Click on the index for an overview of the different classes and courses.

You can register via info@supspirit.nl or +316 16819187.