SUP Lesson

SUP Spirit offers both group and individual private lessons.

Compared to other watersports SUP is easy to learn. Still we recommend people who have never paddled before to take a lesson. You will learn water safety, material knowledge, and how use the correct technique so you are able to paddle more efficiently.


Lesson price includes board, paddle, leash, wetsuit and boots.


Sign up for courses via or via +316 16819187



SUP Spirit also offers challenging courses of 3 lessons for both beginners and advanced.

Classes start at Streekbos next to the pavilion or depending on the weather the lessons can also start at the Enkhuizerzand.

SUP Beginners course

The SUP beginners course is a perfect course for those who want to try out stand up paddling.

The classes begin with some theory, exercises on land, and soon you will make your first SUP paddle with a smile on your face.

Knowledge of materials, water safety, balance, paddling technique, making turns, everything is covered.

Lots of fun guaranteed!

This course consists of 3 lessons of 1 hours.

SUP Intermediate course

Are you enthusiastic after the beginner course? Then continue with the next level!

The intermediate course expands on the exercises learned from the beginners course and you will challenge yourself with new techniques such as balancing exercises and making pivot turns. We also explore further the various phases of the paddle stroke. Of course, short SUP tours are included for relaxation after all the hard work.


This course consists of 3 lessons of 1 hours.


Sign up for courses via or via +316 16819187